To coach, you will need to complete several tasks under USA Hockey regulations.  There are no exceptions!  This is for your safety as well as the kids.  This is also to ensure that all our coaches are up to date on USA Hockey rules, regulations, and practice procedures.

Step 1: Register for a Coach/Player USA Hockey Membership.  USA Hockey requires that Coaches and players renew their membership every year.  With a USA Hockey membership, you are insured incase of an injury on the ice.

Step 2:  Complete a Background Check.  All volunteers with CDAHA and USA Hockey are required to complete a background check.  Make sure you forward your clearance to the registrar!

Step 3:  Complete the SafeSport Certification Course.  All volunteers working with our kids need to be SafeSport certified.  It is an online course through USA Hockey that takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Step 4: Complete your Age Specific Modules.  All coaches need to complete the age specific training modules that pertain to your team.  For example, if you are going to coach Squirts, you will need to complete the U10 module.   Again, this is an online course through USA Hockey and can take a couple hours to complete so please make sure to set aside some time to finish the training.

Step 5: Register for a CEP Coaching Clinic.  This is an in-person workshop that includes some off-ice lecture and on-ice training.  Courses are offered usually in the late summer through the fall.  Coaches have until December 31 to get their CEP Certification.  Every coach starts out as a Level 1.  The next year, you will need to get your Level 2, and so on.  There are some levels which can renew and others which can not.  Make sure you pay attention to your CEP expiration date and find a course to attend.  Coaches without their CEP in January will be redlined from their team's roster and you will be unable to coach for the remainder of the year!

Coaches should submit their USA Hockey Membership ID to the registrar as soon as you register.  This will enable us to track your courses as you complete them.  USA Hockey restricts coaches from being added to your team's roster until all courses are complete (with the exception of the CEP before 12/31).  Make sure you complete all your courses as soon as possible, but at least two weeks before your first game to ensure you can get your roster approved on time! 

We understand you have a busy schedule... you are a volunteer coach, after all! But we do appreciate the time and effort you put in to coach our kids.